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New homes coming up for sale in Nothwest Tucson Oro Valley

COMING SOON  to Oro Valley a great new Meritage community!  Have you wondered what is being constructed at Tangerine and La Cholla intersection?  It’s an intimate new home community by Meritage!

An intimate Oro Valley community of just 50 homes

Located at Tangerine / La Cholla

Directly in front of Wilson K-8 school


Five plans will be offered:

2270sf       3bd+den/2 baths         single story

2420sf       4bd/3 baths                  single story

2790sf       4bd+den+loft/3ba        two story

3220sf       4bd+den+loft/4ba        two story

3670sf       4bd+study+loft/4ba    two story


If you have clients who are interested, we have some preliminary floor plans which we can go over in person. We also have a community in Gilbert where 4 of our plans are available to view.


Currently our schedule looks like this:

Break ground on the model          February 17th

Begin pre-selling                            Early March

Complete model home                  March 22nd

Grand Opening                               April 4th


Pricing and home site premiums are not yet available as there is not a public report just yet.


Please give me a call or send an email if you would like to receive updates as we get closer to opening!




10 Very Effective Home Enhancement You Can Do for Less Than $10K

Your home is more than just a business deal that is why it is significant to spend some amount of your time and money by making it truly work for you.

Here’s the list of the 10 things you can do for $10K or less as was originally posted at 10 High Impact Home Improvements You Can Do for $10K or Less, if you plan to stay in your home for a short while:

1.  Crank up the curb appeal.  A modish curb will smarten your home and is definitely one of the features that the buyers will look for in the seller’s home. Some examples of curb appeal projects which will boost up your home are:

●Exterior paint or power wash
●Paint or install a new garage door
●Paint or install a new front door
●Paint or install new trims (shutters, eaves, etc.)
●New exterior hardware (door kickplate, mailbox, house numbers, etc.)
●Exterior or landscape lighting
●Front yard landscaping spruce-up or makeover

2. Get rid of a wall.  Knocking down the wall which divides the kitchen and the dining room is appealing to those who delight in entertaining friends and family without isolating the host/cook.  Another wall which people yearn to get rid of is the one between two seldom-used  small rooms, converting it into one accessible area

3. Swap out the old windows for dual-paned.  This will not only make your home look better but it will also make your home function more economically and pleasurably.  Dual-paned windows lessen heat-loss during winter  and keep the cool-air in during summer.

4. Extend your living areas outdoors.  To cut the costs of remodeling your own backyard, do some of the work yourself or find items which are on sale. You only need a table, chairs and grill.

5. New kitchen appliances.  Considering absolute practicality, new kitchen appliances can generate a tremendous enhancement to your family’s daily life, like for example, a new fridge, oven or dishwasher.

6. Swap out your carpet.  Many Americans are living with carpet that they really hate. So, depending on where you live, you may replace your carpet with a new one or a hard wood.

7. Bring a bathroom into this millennium. There are bathroom remodelling tips that are not that costly as was suggested by Consumer Reports. Here are some of it:

●Replace the vanity with a new wood model that has a stone counter.
●Add a new mirror and faucet. Alternatively, keep your current vanity but replace your toilet and faucet and add a new vinyl floor.
●Improve lighting and ventilation with a new combination light and exhaust fan. One with a heat setting will keep you from getting chilled when you get out of the shower.
●Add a set of sconces on either side of the mirror or medicine cabinet.
●Update towel bars, hooks, toothbrush and toilet paper holders, and cabinet hardware. Add matching shelves for your towels and toiletries.
●Switch your standard showerhead to one with multiple settings, including a pulsating or massage setting.
●Keep your towels toasty with a heated towel bar, some of which cost $100 or less.

8. Build in organizing systems. Consider building or buying a closet organizer to avoid mess in your home.

9. Paint.  Paint rooms in your home in colors that aim to intensify happiness, serenity or feeling of closeness with family members.

10.  Connect your home. It is very costly to put various home systems on a remote control when the so-called “smart home” systems first came out.  But these have come down a lot due to recent technologies. From $200 to $2,000, you will be able to have your home’s systems wired so that you can:

●Control lighting, heating and AC remotely
●Have your HVAC systems and window coverings, for example, work in sync
●Monitor your home via video and sensors for security and other home crises (e.g., flood, etc.), no matter where you are.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of making a simple investment in a home you plan to keep for a while, you are on the right track, especially when you focus on smaller home enhancement scheme which expands the delight of your homes albeit you don’t increase its price.

1255 E Weimer Circle #76 | Super Clean And Super Cute Condo

1255 E. Weimer Circle # 76

Come see your new home! This super clean condo offers 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,393 sqft, breakfast bar, dining and 2 car garage. Excellent paint colors makes you feel right at home. Community Pool and Spa close by. Stop by today, you’ll fall in love.

Listing Price: 125000
Address: 1255 E. Weimer Cir. #76
City: Tucson
State: AZ
ZIP: 85719
MLS # (if any): 21301613
Square Feet: 1393
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Lot Size: 1019

For more info call 520-444-2190

For more info or school info click here

5 Ways to Enliven Your Listings

There are other factors that we could consider important when it comes to home searching and buying. One of them is the price. Here are some tips to get that fusty listing sold as was fully explained in From Stale to Sold: 5 Ways to Revitalize Your Listings

1. Offer incentives or alternative financing options

Paying for closing repairs, inspections,  or costs,  are some incentives that we can offer our buyers. These can make a big difference to our buyers who are looking for cheaper price. Other options could include pre paying insurance, taxes, homeowners dues and others. Try offering incentives for your buyers to consider your listings that easy.

2. Make it accessible

Always consider the accessibility of a home. Most buyers are impatient and is eager to see the listings. See to it that your listings are simple and easy to show.

3. Expose it- everywhere!

Get the max exposure for your listings. If you’re posting them online, make sure that they are easily accessed by home searchers and leads. See to it also that your listings are up-to-date. Exposing listings nowadays are very easy since there are different kinds of search engine tools that you can use.

4. Refresh your photos

Always update your listings’ photos. Make sure to take pictures from time to time especially when season changed. Most home searchers and buyers spend so much time online looking and checking on photos of the property they want and seeing something new on it will make them consider your listings that easy.

5. Put some zing in your marketing copy

Your marketing copy can get old too. Like your listing photos, keep your marketing copy always updated and fresh to draw the attention of home buyers and searchers. You can add some boosts to your headlines and descriptions. Your ads need to tell a story that appeals to the people most likely to buy your listing.

It’s your turn – what other tips do you use to move your listings?

Fannie Mae reaches short sale agreements with mortgage insurers

Fannie Mae reached agreements with its nine mortgage insurers to allow short sales and deed-in-lieu to be processed more efficiently.

Fannie Mae reached agreements with its nine mortgage insurers to allow short sales and deed-in-lieu to be processed more efficiently. The agreements will also speed up the foreclosure prevention process.

The new Federal Housing Finance Agency short sale guides for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will go into effect Nov. 1. The Fannie Mae announcement shows mortgage insurers are on board with the changes.

HousingWire hosted a short sale guidelines webinar, which featured senior servicing policy analyst Ryan McGuinness of Freddie Mac and operations policy director Simone Beaty of the GSE. Both discussed what services and borrowers could expect when the short sale guidelines go into effect.

The agreements will provide a more consistent and efficient approval process with servicers and borrowers. Servicers can now approve any short sales or deed-in-lieu without individual mortgage insurance approval as long as it meets Fannie Mae’s requirements.

Through the first six months of the year, Fannie Mae completed 142,987 loan workout solutions, including 46,226 short sales and 7,509 deeds-in-lieu.

Fannie Mae senior vice president Leslie Peeler said short sales and deeds-in-lieu are essential tools to prevent foreclosures and also assist borrowers.

“These delegation agreements create an even more streamlined process that will ultimately help more families avoid the costly effects of foreclosure and benefit taxpayers,” she said. “We are pleased that the mortgage insurance companies have stepped up to the plate with us to help more homeowners.”

Those insurance companies include: CMG Mortgage Insurance CompanyEssen GuarantyMortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp, Genworth Mortgage InsurancePMI Mortgage InsuranceRadian GuarantyRepublic Mortgage Insurance CompanyTriad Guaranty Insurance Corporation, and United Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company.

The 4 stages of negotiation in the Arizona Real Estate Contract

This brief explanation of the 4 stages of the contract in Arizona is meant to be a high level overview of the the negotiation process used in Arizona Real Estate.

There are 4 stages to the contract

1. listing and negotiation.  This is a “blind” negotiation by the buyer based on like sales in the area where we come to terms on a price and closing terms.  This then opens their inspection period

2. inspection period.  this normally 10 day period can be extended by mutual agreement of buyer and seller, but is 10 days in the contract unless someone asks to modify it.  This is the time during which a buyer will complete all inspections.  Before the 10th day they will issue written notice of any items they would like repaired/replaced and the terms under which they would like these things done.  This is a second negotiation between buyer/seller based on items discovered.  once we come to terms here we are locked in and no further changes can be amde except for appraisal and septic.

3. appraisal. the buyer’s lender will randomly select an appraiser from their appraisal management company to appraise the property.  The appraiser is not another inspector, but can call for health and safety items if he sees them.  This is pretty rare, less than 5% of the time.  The biggest concern in today’s market is that the appraiser may not see the same value int he home that the buyer saw and the appraisal comes in lower than the price we agreed to sell it at.  If this happens we negotiate for the buyer/seller to pay the difference or cancel the contract.

4. septic.  Finally, at least 3 days prior to closing we must pump and certify the septic tank.  In the event any issues arise the contract says that the seller will make repairs not to exceed 1% of the agreed upon sales price of the home.  Any repairs above this level would be negotiated between buyer/seller.

There is no “double jeopardy” here.  For example an issue discovered during the inspection period can not be used as leverage at the time of septic inspection.  Let’s say a window didn’t work during inspection period and the buyer did not request any repair to that window.  Appraisal comes back clean and we go to septic cert.  Let’s say septic comes back needing repairs, the buyer can not say we want septic repairs AND that window we didn’t mention before.  They COULD say if you’ll fix the window we didn’t mention before then we’ll forget about the septic repairs.

For more information Contact the Jerimiah Taylor Team Here


September 2012 Tucson Real Estate Market statistics

September 2012 Tucson Real Estate Market statistics have been released. Below you will find some bullet point highlights of the stats, and you can watch our short video for the full wrap-up.

  • The Median Sales Price changed slightly from $145,000 in August to $144,950 in September, and increased 23.36% from September 2011.
  • Average List Price increased slightly to .81% and is up 18.95% from September 2011.
  • New Listings increased 1.05% over August and 29.94% over September 2011.
  • Average Days on Market of 45 days was a decrease of 43.75% from September 2011.
  • Active Listings increased from 3,564 in August to 3,845 in September.


Download the full report here

Tucson Az Short Sale Calculator

Our Short Sale Calculator has been developed to allow you to determine the length of time that your home will be underwater using standard historical appreciation rates.  We’ve integrated the calculator with Zillow’s Zestimate tool to give you an idea of what today’s fair market value of your home is.  This state of the art short sale calculator allows you to make an educated decision as to whether or not to short sale your home now, or wait for the market to improve.

Creating an IMG hyperlink ad on craigslist

Checkout the video here!!

Creating an IMG Ad



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